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Daddy Come Lately

Daddy Come Lately

  • Author: Rupa Gulab
  • Publisher: Duckbill
  • ISBN: 9789383331079
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Priya believes her dad died before she was born - Until her liar-liar-pants-on-fire mother tells her he is alive and wants to meet her. But her dad doesn't just want to meet her, he wants to get to know her. Her ghastly beaky nose is clearly not the only thing Priya's inherited from him, he is as stubborn as she is. Suddenly, Priya's well-ordered, laid-back life is thrown into tumult with this dad person interfering with her routine, making her take Maths tuitions and even worse, getting popular with her friends, who really should have known better and as if that wasn't enough, her mum's acting strange and giggly. Can Priya get rid of Dad the bad before he completely messes up her life?

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