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Cross Section: Kurukku Vettu

Cross Section: Kurukku Vettu

  • Author: P. Sivakami, C. T. Indra
  • Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
  • ISBN: 9788126042456
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Cross Section(Kurukku Vettu) is a well-known fictional work in Tamil. The metafictional subtext running at the bottom of each page throughout the novel, created a critical space in which the author examines the problems of representing female sensitivity, female desire, ideological control of the narrator - in short, a self-reflexive exercise articulating the theoretical issues in narration and reorientation of feminist/female experience in the post feminist era. The novel may read like a popular representation of women's common dilemmas but at the core of the novel is, however, a search for a space for expression of woman's free spirit. Sivakami has very deftly made an attempt to probe that space by juxtaposing the text and the subtext.

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