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Cool Technology

Cool Technology

  • Author: Jenny Jacoby
  • Publisher: Pavilion
  • ISBN: 9781843655152
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The latest title in the Cool… series introduces the creative and inventive world of technology with fun facts, timelines, experiments to try at home, and more! Technology is all about inventing new devices and tools—things that we use every single day! From Stone Age tech, such as hand axes and sewing needles, to microcomputers and nanotechnology, get stuck into the intriguing, exciting, and ingenious world of Cool Technology. From biographies of figures such as Bill Gates, Annie Easley, and Josephine Cochrane, to landmark technological advances such as the Iron Age, the Industrial Revolution, and personal computers, this book is sure to be the perfect gift for any budding inventor and tech-head. The book covers digital tech, electronics, robotics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, medical technology, virtual reality, and inclusive tech. 

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