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Contemporary Dogri Short Stories

Contemporary Dogri Short Stories

  • Author: Ved Rahi, Satnam Kaur
  • Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
  • ISBN: 9788126040544
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Contemporary Dogri Short Stories brings together writers, young and old, who tell their stories of the land and its people they know. From science-fiction to human drama, this collection touches upon various themes. Sudesh Raj's 'The Touch' talks about a mother-son relationship while Lalit Mangotra's 'A Better Way Of Life' poses a philosophical question in the grab of a science-fiction. Om Goswami explores the dark alleys of a man-woman relationship in 'The Sun On The Path' while Chaman Arora's 'Seat No. 18' deals with the fears with the fears of man. Some of the other stories included in the volume such as 'The Last Bouquet', 'A Few More Days', 'the Tale Of Dr. Benevolent', 'The Minaret', 'The River and Rajnath', 'A First Rate Drunkard', 'Tension', 'Again, The Hero' and 'The Absentee' are equally fascinating 

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