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Constitution Of India: A Handbook for Students

Constitution Of India: A Handbook for Students

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The Constitution provides a legal framework for a nation, where citizens pledge to abide by the rule of law and protect the sovereignty of the country. India has a written Constitution, which was created following four years of intensive debates among different stakeholders, all their concerns addressed and inputs incorporated. This makes India’s Constitution unique as the British, who ruled India till 1947, Do not have a written Constitution. Although most of the laws were inherited from the British times, provision of reassessment and amendments keep the doors of change open. The rights to freedom of religion and freedom of speech promise equity and introspection. India’s young people need to know this Constitution – how we are governed and what are our democratic rights and responsibilities as citizens, for us to be able to become global Indians. This handy book introduces the world’s largest Constitution to our readers, explaining on what basis India’s democracy works and dispels some of the popular myths and misunderstandings regarding our Constitution.

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