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Clever Cookie Cutter: 3 Cookie Cutters, 30 Creative Designs

Clever Cookie Cutter: 3 Cookie Cutters, 30 Creative Designs

  • Author: Jen Rich
  • Publisher: Pyramid
  • ISBN: 9780753734858
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Reinvent classic cookie cutter shapes with creative new designs for every occasion

Who doesn't love a pretty decorated cookie? But who needs a drawer full of a dozen cookie cutters in strange shapes? Embrace cookie-cutter minimalism and make your classic cookie cutter shapes work harder. With 10 creative designs that reinvent each of the most popular cookie-cutter shapes, the Gingerbread Man, the Heart, and the Star-shaped cookie cutter, Clever Cookie Cutter proves that you only need a few simple shapes to create a cookie for every occasion.

Clever Cookie Cutter will guide you through the whole process, from simple recipes and strategies for baking the perfect base, to decorating techniques that will help you realize your vision. Then discover how to take your favorite classic shapes in a whole new direction:

- Learn how to turn a Gingerbread Man shape into a potted plant, a shark, or an octopus
- Transform a Star into a daffodil, a fox, a unicorn, or Santa Claus
- Transfigure a Heart into a swan, a strawberry or a beautiful butterfly

Delight everyone with your decorating skills by trying a new take on tradition with each of these bold new designs.

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