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Champaca Reading Challenge Notebook

Champaca Reading Challenge Notebook

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This is a special-edition notebook we've created for the Champaca Reading Challenge 2024 — a challenge of 24 prompts to encourage us to read widely, and read diverse, through the year! We believe that a great bookshelf holds voices and stories from across time, place and experience. Pick one book (or more !) for each prompt, and let's read together to discover new worlds!

Download the list of prompts here and print it out.

Find the books we recommend for each prompt here.

And if you want to use the notebook for jotting down other notes, you can too! The notebook is blank, unruled, and A6 and A5 size.

Cover illustration of some of Champaca's favourite books painted by Nirica @twotownsfromme. Notebook design by Pooja @matratype .

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