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Brahmans And Cricket

Brahmans And Cricket

  • Author: S Anand
  • Publisher: Women Unlimited
  • ISBN:
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Cricket Unites Indians. Cricket is nationalism. Cricket is religion. We aretold cricket is also secular. A leftist and a hindutvawadi equally celebrate an Indian victory. However, till recently, a cricket team comprised a majority of brahmans, sometimes 8 out of 11 players. How did a priestly class - sot, even effeminate come to dominatea sport? Why does such dominance not extend to hocky or football? In brahmans and Cricket, S Anand seeks answers to unasked questions. Beginning with a critique of Aamir Kahn's 2002 blockbuster Lagaan and the politics of representation of its dalit character, Kachra, the authortangentially examines why the nation is under the thrall of cricket and Cinema.

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