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Selentra, youngest of three siblings born to a weavers family living in the dark-forested hills of Kote, suddenly discovers that she has the extraordinary gift the Ancients spoke of. In her community, girls are not allowed to read or write, and little does Selentras family know that her astonishing ability, when mastered, could free their gagged country from the wicked Ag-yanees. All her secret might have earned Selentra was the sullen jealousy of her brother, Dumor the oh-so unworthy favourite. But her power could prove so huge, so vital and so potent that her ruthless enemies are already poised to strike her down. Who will protect Selentra from her foes including her own brother as she crosses the chasm between her destiny and her will? Is Selentra doomed? Or blessed? Sharp as an icy wind, gleaming like a charmed gem, twisty as a mountain path, this imaginative tale of courage and conflict will make you wish it were true!

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