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Birds, Beasts, And Bandits: 14 Days With Veerappan

Birds, Beasts, And Bandits: 14 Days With Veerappan

  • Author: Krupakar, Senani, S.R. Ramakrishna
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • ISBN: 9780143415107
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In a comic case of mistaken identity; wildlife photographers Krupakar and Senani were kidnapped one night from their home at the edge of the Bandipur National Park by Veerappan; India’s ‘most dreaded bandit’. He thought they were important government officials; and his plan was to hold them hostage in return for clemency and a substantial ransom. The bandit and his gang kept the hostages on the move in the forest; and their only contact with the outside world was via an old transistor radio. While Veerappan; who had already killed some 250 people; formulated strategies to force the government to agree to his demands; his hostages not only got a close look at the plant and animal diversity in the forests of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu; but the intimacy of their life on the run gave them an insight into Veerappan’s strange mix of cruelty and humanity. Though Krupakar and Senani came from a world that was completely different from that of Veerappan’s gang; the kidnapped and the kidnappers became closely involved in each other’s concerns. Birds; Beasts and Bandits is a witty and poignant account of an extraordinary adventure with the notorious poacher and his companions.

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