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Beyond The Backyard

Beyond The Backyard

  • Author: C.L.L. Jayaprada, P. Sathyavathi, V. Pratima
  • Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
  • ISBN: 9388468597
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Women's voices no longer record only women's confinement in kitchen's and backyards and their victimhood. They speak of invisible enclosures around individuals, insurmountable barriers in much widened scenarios of the world. The twenty nine short stories in this volume bring together varieties of themes, multifocal narratives, strange figures, unusual metaphors and alternative world views. Underlying is all these is a quest for a just and equitable world. No subject such as Dalit, Minority, tribal issues, farmer's distress, newer forms of exploitation in highly technological spaces under the Impact of Globalisation, and existential quest escapes the pens and perception of these marvellous Telugu women writers. More than a dozen translators enthusiastically lent their creative skills to bring theses rich stories to English readership. The transformation of women from victims to survivors to saviours would have been amazing if men and women, worked together to build a casteless, classless, environmental friendly society. Which our writers aspire for..

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