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Begum Samru Of Sardhana

Begum Samru Of Sardhana

  • Author: Michel Larneuil, Ranjit Sinha
  • Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
  • ISBN: 9788126029860
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The backdrop of the novel by Michel Larneuil, is India in the mid-18th century when the French and the British, riding high on the fever of colonization, were fighting to make India one of their colonies. Farzana Zebunnisa, born in a Muslim family, was forced to take up the life of a nautch girl in Delhi. However, soon the nightmare turned into a dream as Farzana met the charming and charismatic French general Sombre and sparks flew. Soon Farzana became Begum Samru and after the demise of Sombre, the ruler of Sardhana near Meerut. Thus started a journey of adventure, court intrigues and power play. Begum Samru, the protagonist of this novel, can be described in her own words : " I am one of those who has survived, and held sway, on the strength of my sword"

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