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Barefoot In The Wild

Barefoot In The Wild

  • Author: Tara Sandhu
  • Publisher: Tara Sandhu
  • ISBN: 9789391067090
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The real beauty of a creature; lies in its moments of quiet eye of swift clever moves its pluck and brazen fortitude.Revealed, under the roof of its sky in its native habitat.

Barefoot in the wild is a collection of stories about endangered wildlife written in poetic form. Colorful illustrations and short descriptions about the animals make it a delightful read for both children and adults. 

Walk barefoot in the wild with the poet and unravel the black panther's mystery, fly over the steppe eagle's empire, fall in love with the Narcondom hornbill's island, measure a creeper's reach, swim with the Ganga dolphin, look a king cobra in the eye, help a city butterfly find a flower . . .

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