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Baahubalis of Indian Politics

Baahubalis of Indian Politics

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They are considered Robin Hoods by some, and dons and mafiosi by others. They are elected democratically. But they survive through the power of their bullets. They are the Baahubali politicians of the world’s largest democracy—India. Across the country and over the decades, there have been people who either got into politics through money and muscle power or gained either or both after their entry into politics. Their careers have been pockmarked with criminal activity, and they have not hesitated to use their muscle and money power to get ahead. Nearly all of them have been imprisoned at some point in their lives—and quite a few are still serving prison terms or awaiting justice. Based on research and reportage, this book brings to the readers the origin, rise and fall of Baahubali politicians across the country—from Arun Gawli to Raja Bhaiya and from Mohammad Shahabuddin to Mukhtar Ansari and many more. Through their stories the author shows how money and muscle power continue to exert a malignant infl¬uence on politics in India.

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