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Awakening The Rainmaker: A Guide To Gender Equality

Awakening The Rainmaker: A Guide To Gender Equality

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As per the Global Gender Gap Report 2021, it will take 267.6 years to close the gender gap in economic participation and opportunity.
In 2021, India slipped 28 places and ranked 140th among 156 nations in The Global Gender Gap Index.
Our female labour force participation rate stands distressingly low at 22.3 per cent.
Only 31 per centof women occupy the Chief Human Resources Officer's role in India, a role which is over-represented by women in other countries, such as the US and South Africa.
Less than 3 per cent of Chief Executive Officers in India are women.

Like many women in the middle of their career, author Nishtha Anand too was overwhelmed when she first became pregnant with her child-would she also fall off her career trajectory like countless others? She hoped to nudge women, their families and organisations with practical hacks for awakening the rainmaker in them and those around them. Thus was born Awakening the Rainmaker that will motivate women to pursue their dreams and ambitions-with free choices and no guilt.

Nishtha captures the gaps and potential solutions across the life cycle of a woman. She includes her learnings and interactions with women from different fields-some of India's most powerful women in business, CEOs, entrepreneurs, award-winning scientists, leading sports personalities and digital influencers. These women had their own mountains to conquer which they did with determination, planning and the right support. Further, she focuses on requisites for upbringing, demeanour and corporate policies and defines a framework for organisations to ensure a gender-neutral ecosystem.

Awakening the Rainmaker will inspire during the crossroads of life and lead the way for women to pursue their ambitions.

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