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  • Author: K. R. Meera
  • Publisher: Harper Perennial
  • ISBN: 9789356296268
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Late one night in November 2016, Satyapriya, a middle-aged professional living alone in a big city, is attacked by an unidentified assailant. Though she escapes unhurt, a conversation with her paralysed father reveals that this was no random incident but the latest in a series of attempts to kill her. And when he dies unexpectedly soon after, a devastated Satyapriya sets out to unravel the conspiracy coiling around her. Beginning at the height of India's demonetization drive and culminating on the anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's assassination, this is a novel that raises uncomfortable questions of identity and gender in a country where power, patriarchy, caste and money conspire every day to shape the contours of women's lives. K.R. Meera's Assassin - originally published in Malayalam as Ghathakan , and brilliantly translated by J. Devika - is a genre-defying magnum opus that every Indian must read.

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