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Arribada: The Arrival

Arribada: The Arrival

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Joy and Ollie. Two souls from different worlds who don’t speak each other’s language. The Universe brings them together to embark on an unusual, unforgettable journey. Sometimes together, sometimes apart.
From living in London with a high-powered job and a lovely family, to losing everything and becoming a handyman in a small Maasai village in Africa, Joy wades through happiness, grief, loss and despair; while Ollie swims in the slow lane of life.
When truth, as they perceive it, begins to collapse around them, it exposes their brokenness, shatters their beliefs and reveals their worst fears. It leaves them completely devastated.
As they unlearn falsehoods, they discover the truths of life. Helped by the wind, the sea and an indigenous tribal elder, Joy experiences the power of the universal energy that heals all. Ollie finds a friend and the real meaning of existence.
When we open our hearts to love and trust, we begin to understand who we really are, our life purpose and our inter-connectedness with everything in the environment.

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