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Andaman Adventure: The Jarawa

Andaman Adventure: The Jarawa

  • Author: Deepak Dalal
  • Publisher: Westland
  • ISBN: 9780143449409
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The Andaman Coast, north and west of Port Blair, is untamed and only partly explored. Large sea eagles prowl its blue skies, saltwater crocodiles patrol meandering creeks, and lush forests unfold behind lonely beaches.
These magnificent forests are the home of a proud and ancient people known as the Jarawa. Wielding arrows and spears, the Jarawa fiercely protect their wild abode, attacking those who dare enter. Vikram and Aditya, accompanied by Chitra – a girl whose spirit is as free and wild as the islands themselves – embark on a voyage along this fabulous coast. On a moonlit night the teenagers venture up a forbidden creek where disaster strikes.
Revealing startling truths of a Stone Age people, the ‘Andaman Adventure’ is a story of survival and courage, set in a primeval land where nature, in her unrestrained glory, still rules.

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