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An Unsuitable Woman

An Unsuitable Woman

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Weaving together the narratives of non-conformist women from real life with those imagined, An Unsuitable Woman introduces you to the everyday heroines in the Indian society confronting patriarchy.

This book includes seventeen inspirational and touching contributions in the form of prose and poetry, from writers like Anand Neelakantan, Madhavi Mahadevan, Sukla Singha, Humra Quraishi and Mitra Phukan, among others. It offers fascinating glimpses of everyday rebellion against patriarchy by a handful of women—from Amrita Sher-Gil, the rebel artist to Leila Seth, the first female chief justice of a state High Court and to Social Activist Chandraprabha’s unassailable belief in her reforms; the legendary Nangeli who severed her breasts to assert her dissent against an unjust social order to Jahnavi Barua’s nameless protagonist who renders all social stigmas.

Plunge into the world of these ‘unsuitable’ women and partake of their undaunted spirit.

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