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An Unborn Desire
An Unborn Desire

An Unborn Desire

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These stories take you on a multicultural rollercoaster that has diverse characters and subjects, but with the quintessential twist in the tale. Find out what happens to a happy young man when he challenges a past-life regression therapist whose discovery of his origin changes his life forever. Uncover the secret inspiration of an old artist of abstract paintings in Paris and then join a woman from Cape Town, who makes a journey to Istanbul and Prague in the hope of self-discovery. Revel in the story of a lady who alters the face of Egyptian history forever by finding her way through a maze of conspiracies, and a girl who, centuries later in India, inspires an entire society to act in the most unpredictable way. Discover the moving shadows of urban Singapore and unveil a predetermined truth as a taxi driver in Saigon meanders through a labyrinth of coincidences. Acclaimed writer Ananya Mukherjee creates a fascinating and poignant vignette of human emotions in An Unborn Desire.

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