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Ambedkarite Movement after Ambedkar

Ambedkarite Movement after Ambedkar

  • Author: J V Pawar
  • Publisher: Panther's Paw
  • ISBN: 9788193290507
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J.V. Pawar, one of the founding members of Dalit Panthers, has written five volumes, all are in Marathi, narrating the political history of Ambedkarite movement in Maharashtra after the death of Ambedkar. This is his first book, of five volume series to be translated in English. This book is not only the depiction of what took place within Ambedkarite movement after Ambedkar’s death, but a significant documentation of personal conflicts between leaders of movement, their contribution to the movement, and how such conflicts affected the unity of the movement. But more significantly, this book is an illustration of what Ambedkarite unity can achieve, in the field of politics, if it remains intact. J.V. Pawar, an Ambedkarite from a very young age, is one of the founding members of Dalit Panthers in Mumbai. He has been the part of and witnessed Ambedkarite movement all through his life. This fact not only authenticates his narratives but also provides us an insider perspective which is a rare case in the field of literature in English written on Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Pawar’s narratives, takes the reader through the stream of consciousness of Ambedkarite movement that makes his style of writing unique. This book is a rare documentation of the political history of Ambedkarite movement in Maharashtra.

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