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Agha Aly Asker

Agha Aly Asker

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Almost 200 years ago, a 16 year old Persian boy had a dream of making India his home. He left his privileged life for an uncertain future in a new Country and went on to carve a unique place for himself here through his hard work, dedication and integrity. Agha Aly Asker was that boy who went on to play an important role in contributing to the history of Bangalore and Mysore State during this period. He is the founding father of the persian diaspora in Bangalore and to him largely goes the credit of putting Bangalore on the Country's horse racing map and for the many heritage colonial bungalows he built th the behest of Sir Mark Cubbon that defined this city's charm. He most striking achievement was the part he played in securing the Wodeyar gadi for Krishnaraja Wayiyar III 's adopted son, Chamraja,thwarting the British plan of annexing Mysore. Syeda Mirza brings to life the many legends associated with Agha Ali Asker and his deep and abiding love for the Country that had welcomed him with such warmth and generosity, his sense of fair play and native pride which earned him much respect and admiration from the locals and the British.

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