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A Woven Rope

A Woven Rope

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A Woven Rope is a translation of Bhawani Prasad Mishra's Sahitya Akademi award-winning collection of Hindi poems Buni Huyi Rassi. The poem in this collection are clearly a movement from outer to the inner world. The poet is sharply aware of the ephemeral nature of each passing moment This awareness imparts an intensity even to the most mundane episodes in the poet's life. In contrast to the poems in his previous collections, Buni Huyi Rassi mostly contains Bhawani Prasad's shorter poems. Passing time, sense of loneliness in old age, conflict due to differences in perception, description of varied natural phenomena, close scrutiny of everyday life- are some of the subjects that these poems explore. In his unique style, Bhawani Prasad creates a diction that effects new meaning sometimes due to musicality of similar sounding words, sometimes due to pun and sometimes due to sheer vividness of imagery.

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