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A Symphony Of Temple Bells

A Symphony Of Temple Bells

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Satya Palaparty writes poetry and stories of her memories of India and also of her cross-cultural experiences as an immigrant living in the United States. Two of her poems have been part of performing arts projects: “Freedom” was featured in The Spilling Ink Project’s Godavari: Who Am I? — a classical Indian dance, music and theatre performance and “Dancing with Shiva on the Ganga”, which was choreographed and performed by students in Seton Hill University’s theatre and dance programme, a performance that also combined poetry, music, classical Indian dance forms, along with modern dance forms. Palaparty has taught a range of English composition courses at colleges and universities in northeast Ohio. Her poems have been published in Akros Review, Borders and Senses, North Coast Review and YACK. She is also the founder and editor of ekakshara, a literary and visual arts journal. She holds a Master of Arts in English Literature from Sri Venkateswara University, India, a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from Cleveland State University, and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing with a concentration in poetry from the NEOMFA programme, a consortium of four universities in northeast Ohio, USA.

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