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A Bird From Afar

A Bird From Afar

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The book is a piece of historical fiction set in 1942/43, as WW 2 rages and a restless Subhas Bose is in Berlin, building the core of his first Indian Army, comprising of Indian POWs being trained in Germany. In an alternate reality, Stalingrad has fallen to the Axis powers after a bitter, brutal campaign; in North Africa, Field Marshal Rommel’s Afrika Korps has emerged victorious; Rangoon has been seized by the Japanese after their capture of Singapore. Does this give Bose's army the opportunity to march towards's India's western borders? How does he manage the million contradictions and challenges of his situation, and the personalities of that era, from Adolf Hitler to Mahatma Gandhi? Even if possible, can a military defeat of the British ensure an undivided India amidst the murmurs of an impending partition? And will the militaristic Axis powers leave India be if they have landed here?

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