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Our work so far has been made possible thanks to you.

Early this year in March, Champaca closed its doors for long months due to Covid-19 and the lockdowns. During that time, your support helped us tide over great uncertainty and financial difficulty. You have helped us keep our work going, supporting rents and salaries of our women run operation. 

During this time, we have gone online with our bookstore, and begun a new book subscription with a book club! We hosted some wonderful events, and our community has grown. We cannot thank you enough.

...And we still have gift vouchers for you!

Champaca is now open. We have gift vouchers, which we think are a great way for you to support us if you choose, or would make a wonderful gift for a friend :)

You can buy one voucher, or as many as you want. You could also gift a friend a voucher to help them select a Gift Box! You can come by and pick up books with this voucher, or use them to buy books on our online store (which ships across India).

And as always, we’re most happy to help select the book we think will be most meaningful for you to read.



We understand that not everyone can help financially. You can also support us by subscribing to our newsletter, and sending your friends and family a link to this page.
  1. Support us by buying a voucher, and buying books from us!
  2. Each voucher is valid for a year from the time that you purchase them
  3. Please note - the vouchers are only valid on books

These challenging times have made us understand how important it is for us to stay in conversation with our community of readers and book-lovers, which has brought us tremendous comfort and support. We look forward to sharing this space with you, and continuing our conversations, both online and offline.