Gift Vouchers

If you wish to support Champaca, please consider buying a gift voucher. You can buy one, or as many as you want. Come by and pick up books with this voucher, use them to buy books on our online store, or pass them on as gifts.

CoVID-19, closing our doors and Champaca

It is our priority to ensure our customers' and employees' safety and we firmly believe that we need to “flatten the curve” to make sure our medical systems are not overwhelmed. We have a long way ahead, and you can really make a difference in keeping our work going.

How bad is it?

Honestly? It’s not great. Social distancing will affect the revenue of our tiny women-run store. As a newly opened, self-funded business, we were just about keeping our heads above the water and this loss makes it difficult for us, through the upcoming months, to cover costs, rents, salaries and do the work that we do: bringing good books and conversations to you. Globally, small bookstores and independent businesses (including some of the most famous ones) have closed doors or are in serious financial difficulty.

We have launched a online store—a curated collection of books that we want to share with you. We’re open for pickups and browsing, and we are shipping across the country!

How can you help?

  1. Support us by buying a voucher!

  2. Each voucher is valid for a year from the time that you purchase them

  3. Please note - the vouchers are only valid on books

We’re so excited to continue to create a community for readers and book-lovers, to make a space for important conversations, and to discuss our favourite reads with you. Our work so far has been made possible thanks to you.

We completely understand that during this trying time, not everyone can help financially. That’s absolutely okay! You can also support us by subscribing to our newsletter, and sending your friends and family a link to this page.