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The Champaca Book Subscription

Introducing our first subscription plan: a parcel of carefully curated, specially chosen books in the mail every month just for you! The books we have picked come from across genres and the world. The titles include new releases, as well as earlier published titles that we think are worth reading. Depending on the month, these books will be paired with companion books that we think enhance the reading experience.

Sign up now for subscriptions that will begin in December.


Plan Details

Sign up from different plans—for six and twelve months, in basic and advanced options. Advanced plans give you free access to events, the Champaca Book Community, and the Champaca Book Club with Somak Ghoshal! Click here to learn more.

You can also choose to support us by becoming a Champaca Super Member for twelve months. You will have access to all advanced features, an exclusive member discount on all book purchases, and exclusive events.


Here’s a sneak peek of what we've sent out in the Book Subscription! 

Our July book was Chandrabati’s Ramayan, which was accompanied by an exciting companion book, Lost Loves by Arshia Sattar! Chandrabati’s Ramayan, a 2020 release by Zubaan, is Nabaneeta Deb Sen’s sterling translation of the 16th century feminist retelling of the Ramayana by Chandrabati, a pioneering woman poet in Bangla.

August's book is Cox by Christoph Ransmayr, Simon Pare’s translation for Seagull Books! When James Cox, the eponymous English clockmaker, is invited by the Chinese Emperor to the Forbidden City to make automata for him, he isn’t prepared for the imagination and demands of the emperor that tests his professional skill and puts his life in peril.

In September, subscribers received Preeto, along with a companion book. Preeto is a collection of Urdu short stories by male writers gathered together in translation by Rakshanda Jalil, looking at the male gaze of the female body.