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The Champaca Book Subscription — The Travel Theme

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From July 2021 to June 2022, we’ve curated books from across the world, and across genres, that explore different ideas of travelling. Can we time travel together across histories and places? What journeys have intrepid women made? How have people experienced travel when it is not by choice or for pleasure, as with migrations? What are journeys of the mind like?

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Ours is a space for readers to come together and form a community to bring the books alive in interesting ways. We hope these meetings will enhance your reading through conversations. Our previous book club meetings have had interactions with writers, publishers and translators! Click here to learn more.

Find previous books from this year, and special one-time subscription boxes in the travel theme, here.

Year One of the Champaca Book Subscription

In the first year of the Champaca Book Subscription, our theme was translations. Over twelve months, we read fiction, nonfiction, and poetry in translation, from languages across India and across the world. You can find all the books, as well as special one-time subscription boxes, here.

Here's a glimpse of the twelve main translations we read over the year. Most boxes also included companion books, all of which you can find here.

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