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The Champaca Book Club & Book Community

Our advanced plans to the Champaca Book Subscription includes access to the Book Club & Book Community.

The Champaca Book Club

The Champaca Book Club has monthly meetings anchored by Team Champaca, and guest anchors. Subscribers to the advanced plans will receive exclusive access to these meetings. Every month, they will be part of a book club meeting to discuss Champaca’s book of the month. 

In our past book club events, we have had intimate, meaningful conversations about the books we've been reading. We have also been joined by authors, translators, and publishers of the books!

In July, we talked to the daughters of Nabaneeta Dev Sen, the translator of Chandrabati's Ramayan. In August, we were joined by Cox's translator, Simon Pare, who gave us unique insight into the author, and his own efforts of translation. In November, both the author, Unni R, and the translator, J Devika, of The Cock is the Culprit, joined our book club for a discussion of their own experiences in writing and translating the novel. We talked to translator of Singarevva and the Palace, Laxmi Chandrasekhar, and both the author and translator of Motherwit, Urmila Pawar and Veena Deo.

These have been conversations that have opened up a new world to us and to our community, offering us new insights into the books we're reading, and a wonderful opportunity to speak directly to the people who brought us these books.

We've been thrilled to have these lovely conversations and we're excited to share this with you.

The Champaca Book Community

The Champaca Book Community is a forum where you can have sustained conversations with other readers about the book of the month. Stay in touch with book-lovers throughout the month, discussing what you think of the books you're reading!

We are excited to create a space where readers can come together and form a community, and to bring these books alive in interesting ways and enhance your reading through conversations.