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The Blue Scarf and Other Stories

The Blue Scarf and Other Stories

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In The Blue Scarf and Other Stories, we meet young women from small-town India trying to find themselves in the big cities that they have moved to. Even as their dreams, desires and ambitions jostle for space in cramped hostel rooms, work cubicles or dead-end marriages, our protagonists carve out moments of solace and solitude, sometimes encountering profound moments of clarity and compassion.

Through life-altering experiences of friendships, heartbreak, humiliation and loneliness, these short stories unravel the myriad ways in which we turn into our true selves. Neela Scarf, when it was originally published in 2014, marked the arrival of a delightfully fresh voice in Hindi literature and became an instant bestseller. Translated for the first time into English by Kamayani Sharma, Anu Singh Choudhary's earnest, intimate storytelling will move readers its quiet brilliance.

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