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Caste And Class

Caste And Class

  • Author: Bojja Tharakam
  • Publisher: The Shared Mirror
  • ISBN: 9788192993041
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Does the liberation of the oppressed in the abolition of class? Or does it lie in the annihilation of caste? The answer to the questions is not yet found. Some believe that class-abolition is unachievable; others that annihilation of the caste is impossible. Some believe that caste existed before class, other that class into existence earlier. While there are some who study various issues related to class with little or no understanding of caste, other research caste while being ignorant of class. Have tases structures of caste and clads emerged separately and individually, or do they have intersecting origins? can both tases structures be simultaneously eradicated or do they have to be addressed separately one after the other?

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