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Grasp: The Science Transforming How We Learn

Grasp: The Science Transforming How We Learn

  • Author: Sanjay Sarma, Luke Yoqunite
  • Publisher: Robinson
  • ISBN: 9781472139139
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A groundbreaking look at the science of how it works both in the mind and in the classroom, which teaching techniques are most effective, and how schools should (and absolutely should not) use instructional technology. This is an essential resource for teachers, anyone interested in cutting-edge research into learning, and parents considering the educational alternatives available to their children.

As the head of Open Learning at MIT, renowned professor Sanjay Sarma has a daunting job to fling open the doors of the MIT experience for the benefit of the wider world. But if you're going to undertake such an ambitious project, you first have to How do we learn?  What are the most effective ways of educating? And how can the science of learning transform education to unlock our potential, as individuals and across society?

Grasp  takes readers across multiple frontiers, from fundamental neuroscience to cognitive psychology and beyond, as it explores the future of learning. Some of its

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