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The Poop Book Workshop with Neha Kandalgaokar!

Join us on Sunday (December 18th), 11 AM, at Champaca Goa for a book reading of The Poop Book followed by a fun activity for children! Bring your little ones and learn some weird and wacky yet amazing facts about animal poop. From tackling climate change to providing homes for other beings, animal poop can do it all!

Neha Kandalgaokar, who has worked worked on developing children's content for the last 16 years, will be hosting the session!

Open to Goa only.  RSVP here.

About the Book:

The Poop Book is a book about animal poop! Meet jellyfish, lions, penguins, bees, and lots of other creatures who all have their own special way of pooping – or using poop!


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