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Queer Potli

Queer Potli

  • Author: Pawan Dhall
  • Publisher: Queer Ink
  • ISBN: 9788193318935
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The Indian queer scenario and its attendant movement for the right to be different and yet equal is made up of hundreds and thousands of behind-the-scene stories of push and pull – a struggle for spaces that offer a boost for self-esteem, respect, security, and the potential to be radical.

These spaces can be visualized through several prisms as this anthology attempts in a small way—spaces through time and travel, spaces of urban aspirations and anxieties, queer art spaces, and queerscapes of difference and resistance.

In the end, each story of queer struggle is about efforts that have contributed to where we are today or where we will be tomorrow as individuals, communities, and movements. The writings and creations in this anthology are but very few of these stories or even about these stories—like shells or pebbles on a sea shore of a grand narrative. Have your pick!

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