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Lady Driver: Stories Of Women Taxi Drivers

Lady Driver: Stories Of Women Taxi Drivers

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Sakshi, Suneeta, Geeta, Prachi, Lalita, Rabunissa, Savitri, Poonam, Hemlata, Khushi, Shanno if you look around you in Delhi or Jaipur or Kolkata, and soon in other cities too, and if you spot a pink and green cab driven by a woman in uniform of the same colour, the chances are that one of the drivers will be from among the women above. The chances also are that one or other of them will come from a broken home, or will have fought off an alcoholic, abusive husband, or will have come from a poor household, or will be a single mother. But at Azad, the not?for?profit foundation where they are trained to drive and where they take self defence classes, these women are confident, independent drivers, battling the largely male world of chauffeuring taxis in cities. Sakha Cabs, initially a Delhi?based taxi ..

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