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Bookstore Manager Role

We are looking for interested Bangalore-based individuals to apply to join our team in the role of Bookstore Manager. You will be an integral part of the day-to-day running of the bookstore, oversee a small in-store team, and be responsible for curation, displays, and customer servicing. 

No previous experience with the book industry is necessary – we are a team that works and learns together. You will work initially with our team to learn our values, systems, and process, in order for you to take on these responsibilities over time. 

We would expect you to be able to work on an independent deadline, be able to delegate tasks and follow up on them, and of course have a love for reading. Running a bookstore takes a lot of effort, and we ask that you come to it with an open mind and be ready to do the work it requires.

This is a full-time, Bangalore-based position, for six days a week (Tuesday to Sunday). The remuneration is Rs. 25,000, based on previous experience. You will be provided health insurance and a 20% discount on books. We will have a two-month trial period for both parties, to see how we work together. And we are happy to take into consideration your interests and creative direction in the future.

Your responsibilities will include:


  1. Manage and oversee a small in-store staff that works with billing, shipping, book entry and returns, and café work – this includes delegating tasks and following up with outcomes and deadlines 
  2. Manage in-store maintenance of the bookstore and café – this includes general maintenance, keeping track of stock of kitchen supplies and stationery, and reordering when necessary
  3. Oversee basic accounting – keeping track of petty cash purchases, filing invoices, all according to a pre-existing system
  4. Coordinate with our team in Champaca Goa, and overseeing certain processes for that store


  1. Keeping track of book inventory, shelving, and displays
  2. Assisting in curation and ordering books for the store from publisher lists and sold-out titles

Customer Servicing 

  1. Engaging with customers in-store, guiding them through our shelves and recommending books to them
  2. Be in charge of customer support and servicing – over email, in-person, and over the phone 


  1. Be in charge of basic website maintenance, updating our front-facing website (no website experience necessary, but it is helpful)
  2. Working together with the team to think of new outcomes and ideas, and informing the direction Champaca will grow

The prerequisites for this role are:

  1. Comfort with computers and softwares – including Excel and G-Suite – and the ability to pick up new softwares
  2. Competent writing skills
  3. Comfort with talking to people – on the phone and in-person
  4. Basic HTML, CSS, and/or SEO skills are a bonus
  5. An interest and passion for reading and books
To apply, please write to with the subject line “Application for Bookstore Manager”, with your CV, a writing sample, and a few lines about your current favourite book!