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When I Hid My Caste

When I Hid My Caste

  • Author: Baburao Bagul, Jerry Pinto
  • Publisher: Speaking Tiger
  • ISBN: 9789386702920
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A refusal to understate or dress up gritty, brutal reality.
Through the lives of people on the margins, Bagul exposed the pain, horror and rage of the Dalit experience. The unnamed young protagonist of the title story risks his life and job, and conceals his caste from his fellow workers in the hope of bringing about social change. Damu, the village Mahar, demands the right to perform a religious masque—a preserve of the upper castes—thus disrupting the village order. Jaichand Rathod revolts against his parents’ wishes and refuses to take up the caste-enforced task of manual scavenging. Years of repressed maternal love begins to resurface when, in the face of death, Banoo calls out to her estranged sonand behind Savitri’s desire for revenge lies the gruesome pain she suffered at the hands of her husband.

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